Imperator Rome How To Improve Provence Loyalty

In Imperator Rome, the loyalty of your provinces is a key factor in your success. Provence is one such province, and in this article we’ll show you how to improve its loyalty.

The first step is to make sure that you’re providing Provence with the resources it needs. This includes food, money, and manpower. You can check the province’s loyalty by clicking on it and viewing the information in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

If the loyalty is low, you can improve it by increasing the amount of resources you’re sending to Provence. You can do this by increasing the province’s production or by sending resources from other provinces.

You can also improve Provence’s loyalty by building improvements in the province. These include farms, mines, and sawmills. The more improvements you build, the more loyalty your provinces will have.

Finally, you can improve Provence’s loyalty by appointing governors who are loyal to your faction. The more loyal governors you have, the more loyal your provinces will be.

By following these tips, you can improve Provence’s loyalty and make it a valuable asset to your empire.

How do you deal with disloyal provinces Imperator?

Disloyal provinces can be a thorn in the side of any Imperator. They can cause all sorts of problems, from refusing to pay taxes to outright rebellion. In this article, we’ll discuss some methods for dealing with disloyal provinces.

One of the most obvious methods for dealing with a disloyal province is to simply invade it. This will usually put an end to any rebellious behavior, and it will also allow you to collect any taxes that are owed. However, this approach can be costly and time-consuming, and it may not be possible in all cases.

Another option is to try and bribe the province into loyalty. This can be expensive, but it may be worth it if it prevents a full-blown rebellion. You can also try and sweeten the deal by offering the province some sort of incentive, such as a tax break or a land grant.

If all else fails, you may have to resort to force. This can be costly and bloody, but it may be the only way to maintain control over a rebellious province.

How do you appoint the governor Imperator in Rome?

The process of appointing a governor Imperator in Rome was a complex one, with a number of different stages that had to be followed. The first step was to nominate a candidate, who would then be put forward to the people for approval. If the people voted in favour of the candidate, he would be appointed as governor. If they did not, the Senate would then have to choose a new candidate.

How do you stop the barbarians Imperator in Rome?

In the strategy game Imperator: Rome, the barbarians are a constant threat to the Roman Empire. If left unchecked, they can quickly overrun your provinces, looting and pillaging their way to victory. In order to stop the barbarians, you’ll need to build up your military, fortify your borders, and use diplomacy to keep them at bay.

The first step in stopping the barbarians is to build up your military. You’ll need to recruit troops and build up your army to defend your borders. You can also build forts and other defensive structures to protect your provinces.

The second step is to fortify your borders. You’ll need to build walls, towers, and other fortifications to keep the barbarians out. You can also garrison troops in your provinces to help protect them.

The third step is to use diplomacy to keep the barbarians at bay. You can make alliances with other nations to help protect your borders, or you can offer them tribute to keep them from attacking. You can also make deals with the barbarians to buy them off, but this is not recommended as they will only attack again once they’ve exhausted their resources.

If you follow these steps, you can stop the barbarians from invading your empire and keep them from destroying your civilization.

How do you increase civilization value Imperator in Rome?

There are many ways to increase the civilization value Imperator in Rome. One way is to increase the population. This can be done by building more houses, or by increasing the birth rate. Another way to increase the civilization value is to increase the production. This can be done by building more factories, or by increasing the productivity of the factories. Another way to increase the civilization value is to increase the trade. This can be done by building more ports, or by increasing the trade value of the ports.

How long did a Roman governor serve?

A Roman governor served a term that could last from one year to ten years.

Who is in charge of a province?

Who is in charge of a province in China?

The governor of a province in China is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the province. The governor is appointed by the central government in Beijing and is responsible to the central government. The governor is also responsible for the implementation of national policies in the province.

The governor is assisted by a number of senior officials. The most important of these officials is the secretary-general, who is responsible for the administration of the government and the coordination of government policy. The secretary-general is appointed by the governor.

Other important officials include the provincial party secretary, who is responsible for the administration of the Chinese Communist Party in the province, and the provincial chief of police, who is responsible for the maintenance of public order.

How do you become an Imperator Empire in Rome?

Becoming an Imperator in the Roman Empire was a complicated process that could take years to achieve. It required a combination of political savvy, military prowess, and diplomacy.

The first step was to amass a large army and become a powerful military leader. This could be done by conquering new territory or by winning battles. The next step was to gain the support of the Roman Senate. This could be done by making generous donations to the Senate or by winning their favor with impressive military victories.

The final step was to become the ruler of Rome. This could be done by overthrowing the current emperor or by winning an election. Once the emperor was in power, he could use his position to reward his friends and allies and punish his enemies.

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